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This year we are serving ages: TK-8th grade, must have turned 4 by March of current year. Each year we expand the age group class offerings. Class sizes are limited to 12-17 students per age group, depending on the classroom dynamic and ages. Children enjoy a variety of learning opportunities throughout the day including PE & Play, Bible Study & Prayer, Math, Language Arts, Project Based Learning, while rotating Art, Science, History, and Special Interests.


Concepts are sourced using Teaching Textbooks and BJU as a teacher guide with the use of additional resources, games, and projects. Children are given concepts that best fit their understanding in small groups. They also explore project based math and real world math.


We read a variety of literature at various levels, have discussions and look for life applications, character traits, morals, & vocabulary. Learning to read is a focus and goal for those not yet reading.


Classes use varying curriculums that may include Brave Writer, Good and the Beautiful, BJU, and more, to help develop skills in reading, writing, spelling, sentence structure, penmanship, & grammar. Children practice handwriting skills, cursive, write stories, improve grammar, digest language arts concepts, develop types of writing/essays, enhance vocabulary, and additional writing projects.


Exploring Creation/BJU textbooks are used along with additional resources. We read to understand concepts, develop vocabulary, watch videos and/or use other visual aids, and follow up with application by experiment. Science provides evidence of creation.


History is approached from a Biblical perspective. Each class covers historical concepts focusing on social studies, economics, ethics, government, and important constitutional truths.


The study of unique art styles, projects, & artists throughout the year with the guidance of Deep Space Sparkle. The upper grades are privileged to have a special course in fine arts!

Project Based Learning

Hands on activities that inspire curiosity while developing important skills in areas like math, science, fine motor skills, engineering, and more!

Special Interests

Various skills offered throughout the year including Chess, Mechanics, Coding, Speial Arts, and more!

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