About Miss Priscilla

God has blessed me with the gift of seeing the needs of others when it comes to academics. Whether those needs are better comprehension, self-confidence, practice, or a complete perspective change on how the concepts are presented, I have been able to help. God has been faithful to open many opportunities for me to serve those around me throughout my education. In elementary through high school, I tutored peers in math and even created tutoring programs to help younger students and those seeking additional support. In college, I again started a tutoring program/club to help fellow peers. I spent a year assisting a former teacher in her private tutoring business for high school math. In 2016,  I started working for a learning center where I began teaching in a classroom setting, children, ages 7-15yrs. I taught Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art. There, I grew in a much greater capacity to master classroom management, multiage levels, and the importance of social and emotional support for children. These accomplishments have been orchestrated divinely by God to equip me to minister at AriseHomeSchool. He has gifted me many opportunities to grow and learn, or reestablish, skills that I will be able to put into my efforts in serving your families. I have been working in education for almost 19 years. I genuinely love working with children and am passionate about seeing them grow in all aspects of their lives. I desire to be a vessel for God to use through educating students on their journey in life.