About Miss Lucy

I’m Miss Lucy. I’m married and have 3 wonderful daughters. My first experience as a teacher was in Mexico. I was an English teacher at IMAC. I came back to California 25 years ago. I started teaching Spanish to a couple of families, then went back to school. I studied at College of the Desert and graduated with two AA’s, one in Liberal Arts and one in Early Childhood Education. I was a teacher at Tikvah Preschool for over ten years before it closed in June 2019. I had just found a job when everything got shut down because of the pandemic. Luckily Vanessa reached out to me about homeschooling her daughter and her friend’s children. I have been with those wonderful families these past two years. I feel blessed with Vanessa again, she introduced me to Ms. Sheila and here I am, ready to be part of this new school for me. Thank you all for trusting me with your little ones and giving me the opportunity to work in this amazing program!